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At last, a fantastic memory packed night of music with...NO MODERN TUNES WHATSOEVER!

Perfect for that landmark birthday, anniversary, fancy dress party, retirement, pub retro night or any special event.
A friendly and entertaining veteran Dj who knows how to keep you on the floor and, when asked for a request, actually knows what you're talking about!

Psychedelic "LIQUID LIGHTSHOW" available! See video

Based in Wroxham. Covering Norwich and Norfolk.


Choose one of these great nights or just tell me what you need!

SOUNDS OF THE 70's - Glam, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Disco and Oddities from the most eclectic decade of them all!
SWINGING SIXTIES! - Shake your Mini to The Twist, Rock 'N Roll, Merseybeat, Mod & Motown..
Everything for a Fab & Groovy party!
THE BEST DISCO IN TOWN! - Nothing but Soul, Funk, and Disco floorfillers all night long!
DECADENT 80's! - The greatest Glamorous Pop, New Romantics, Synth Pop and Big Hair Rock from the decade of decadence!
ABSOLUTE CLASSIC GOLD! - The Biggest and Best classic favourites from the 60's. 70's & 80's!
90's MANIA! - Boy Bands, Girl Bands, Brit-Pop, CheeseDance & Rave hits!


My rates for all local discos are: £50 p/h Mon-Thurs and £60 p/h Fri-Sun. So a typical 4 hour booking on a Weekend night (eg: 7pm - 11pm) would be £240.

Please visit my Prices page for full details of my prices and straightforward terms. 
You can also see if I'm already booked and calculate the exact price for your event.

If you are seeking an experience and fully knowledgeable Dj who understands your needs please feel free to get in touch.

Dj Mark 07960 449379

Psychedelic "Liquid lightshow" video